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Compare Jane Eyre and Rebecca focusing in particular on each writers use of symbolism Essays

Compare Jane Eyre and Rebecca focusing in particular on each writers use of symbolism Essays Compare Jane Eyre and Rebecca focusing in particular on each writers use of symbolism Paper Compare Jane Eyre and Rebecca focusing in particular on each writers use of symbolism Paper Essay Topic: Jane Eyre Literature Rebecca This essay is about two, romantic-suspense novels that I have been studying recently. The narrative, theme and characters of these novels are very similar but they were both written at different times. One of the novels Jane Eyre, is basically about a young girl Jane, who falls in love and marries her employer Edward Rochester who is older than her. In the other novel Rebecca, the narrator, whose name we do not know, also falls in love with an older man, Maxim De Winter who is a widower. As the story of both the novels develops, we find out that the husbands conceal a horrific secret from their wives. Also, the two main female characters in the novels come from similar backgrounds. They have both been brought up in hardships and have always had a lack of money. Whereas, the men they have married are very wealthy, this makes the women feel a bit out of place and minor to their husbands. Basically the theme of the novels is that a young woman falls in love with a man, who is much older to her and then discovers that the man she loves keeps some sinister secrets from her. The book Jane Eyre is about an orphan girl Jane who is deprived by her aunt and cousins. At the age of eleven she decides to go to a young orphans institution. She spends her time there for eight years and later becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall, to an eight year old French girl, Adele. She falls in love with her employer, Mr Rochester and is ecstatic when she finds out that he also loves her. Despite the age difference between them, they decide to get married. On their wedding day Jane discovers that her husband-to-be, Mr Rochester has a mentally disturbed wife who is locked up in the attic at Thornfield. After making this alarming discovery, she runs away and starts to live life with a family in a woodland cottage. Coincidently, she later discovers that the family she is living with are her long lost cousins. She inherits a fortune off her uncle, and decides to marry one of her cousins, in an attempt to forget her first love Mr Rochester. She is unable to do this, so she returns to Thornfield. When she arrives there she discovers that Thornfield was set alight by Edward Rochesters wife and that she also died during the incident. She also learns that Mr Rochester was injured in the fire, and is suffering from blindness and the loss of an arm. Despite his physical disabilities, Jane marries him and gives birth to two of his children. In Rebecca the narrator is the main character. She is also an orphan who is disadvantaged. One day she is introduced to a man named Maxim De Winter, after having a few secret meetings with him she falls in love. She doesnt know that Maxim feels the same way until he proposes to her, willingly she agrees. The newly wedded couple return to Maxims home Manderley. Maxims first wife Rebecca was adored by everyone. One of the house keepers, Mrs Danvers loathes the new Mrs De Winter and always emphasizes Rebeccas presence in the house. During her stay in Manderley she is constantly criticized, by Mrs Danvers. She is made to compete with the old Mrs De Winter. After suffering a lot of torment from Mrs Danvers she is finally faced with the horrific secret that her husband has kept from her. She finds out that Maxim De Winter murdered his provocative ex wife, as he didnt really love her and she was unfaithful to him. He shot her but he pretended that she had drowned. She is faced with the same options as Jane Eyre whether she should stay with her husband or leave him. She decides to stay with him but they dont return to Manderley as it was burnt down, another similarity between the two novels. The authors of both books use symbolism to a great effect. Like most books the symbolism is perceived only after the story has been read completely. The novels have very similar views to the houses they talk about. They both speak negatively of the houses. In Jane Eyre I focused analysed how Thornfield Hall was portrayed. The name Thornfield Hall, to start of with, is very symbolic, as the house was where all the lies and dark secrets were kept, therefore a field with many thorns in it. The author of Jane Eyre often uses a contrast between light and dark. An example of this is when Jane is walking through a corridor in Thornfield She took her candle, the staircase window was too high and latticed When people see the light it usually means that they realise something that they should have known. In this case Jane cannot see the light as the source for light is out of reach. This may be symbolic, of Jane not yet knowing about the dark secret about the existence of Bertha Mason inside the house. The dark landing is compared to that of a church rather than a house, where Jane feels uncomfortable, a vault like air pervaded the stairs . The vault is symbolic of a coffin that encases the emotions and feelings of Jane. The church is also where Jane finds out about Edwards secret. The feeling within the house is very creepy, the eerie impression wide hall and spacious staircase the long cold gallery. These descriptions seem like a perfect setting for a ghostly appearance within the house. The doors inside the house are always closed, this is symbolic to the danger and the secrets that are being kept and disclosed from Jane. This gives us an idea of the theme of the novel as later on we discover that behind those close doors many dark secrets have been kept. Jane describes the steps in Thornfield to be quite slippery, this is also quite symbolic as Janes life on the whole is slippery and insecure. She also mentions a clock that is curiously carved, this is particularly symbolizing the plot of the story which is constructed in a twisted and complex way. The continuous reference to the house resembling a church gives a hint that there could be a wedding later on in the story. Charlotte Bronte uses the setting to reflect the lives of the characters. An example of this is when she emphasizes the opening of doors. This symbolizes the starting of Janes new life and the secret revelations that Jane will face later on. Charlotte Bronte uses the settings of the house to describe the plot, theme, and characters of the novel. The author of Rebecca, Daphne Du Maurier also uses very similar techniques to Charlotte Bronte. In Rebecca I focused on the journey of Mr and Mrs De Winter, when entering Manderley for the first time, as a wedded couple. Mrs De Winter, like Jane also speaks negatively of Manderley and its surroundings. She describes the path entering Manderley to be twisted and turned as a serpent, this is symbolic to the life that she leads later on as it is all over the place and quite unstable. Another symbolic meaning of it could be that it is referring to how Maxim viewed Rebecca to be, like a serpent; evil and resented. The phrase serpent is often used when talking of evil and deceit, and serpents are creatures that cannot be trusted on their appearance. This is exactly what Rebecca was like, her outer appearance made her look very innocent but in reality she was an unfaithful wife who deceived her husband. She describes the branches above them to be intermingled like a roof of a church; this could be symbolic to Rebecca and Maxims marriage as they wedded inside a church whereas the new Mrs De Winter wedded Maxim inside a registry office. She recounts the leaves to be thickly entwined with very less sunlight coming through. This can be interpreted in two different ways. One interpretation could be that the love between the newly wedded couple is so strong that nothing can get between them; however another interpretation could be that the new Mrs De Winter felt her life was so thickly closed up that there was very little chance of any happiness coming through, as light is usually always associated with happiness. She describes the air surrounding Manderley to contain no wind again creating the image of a coffin like in Jane Eyre where she feels encased and suffocated. She recalls the lodge gates were a memory these were the gates that led them in to Manderley. This could be symbolizing that Mrs De Winters previous life was now a distant memory, now that she is entering a new wedded life. She observes the wildlife around Manderley and says other trees, trees I could not name, coming close, so close I could touch them this could imply that Mrs De Winter knew there was something going on which was secretive but she couldnt quite get her finger on it. Mrs De Winter goes on to describe the rhododendrons blood red shocked me with their crimson faces, massed one upon the other in incredible profusion nothing but the slaughterous red.. . The red is like blood, this could symbolize that Rebecca was murdered in cold blood. The flowers are so vibrant and bright that you cant miss them; this is exactly what Rebecca was when she was alive. Later in the story the rhododendrons are mentioned again, There they were blood red and luscious, massed beneath the open window Even though Rebecca is no longer alive, there are still signs of Rebeccas existence within the house. There was a drawing too and in the centre of this, the tiny statue of a naked fawn, his pipes to his lips where he would dance and play his part The little fawn is the new Mrs De Winter, she feels inferior to Rebecca and that she has to try and compete against Rebecca as she feels they are being compared. She has to pretend to be someone that she isnt and play a part in the Manderley household. The rhododendrons are always there as an audience. nd I noticed then that the rhododendrons, not content with forming their theatre on the lawn outside had been permitted to the room itself. She is standing in the room which used to belong to Rebecca when she observes the rhododendrons in there, their great warm faces looked upon me from the mantelpiece, they floated in a bowl upon the table. The rhododendrons represent Rebecca, who is looking down on Mrs De Winter. This is like a flashback of Rebeccas death, as when she died she was left floating in water. In Jane Eyre I looked at a passage where Jane walks across to the local town to post a letter, the ground was hard, the air was still, my road was bendy; I walked fast until I got warm and then walked slowly to enjoy and analyse the species of pleasure. This quote sums up Janes relationship with Mr Rochester. First she is unknowing of his feelings for her and she feels alone but then she rushes through with everything when he claims he loves her as she doesnt want it to end. Then in the end she takes things slowly as she knows he loves her. If a breath of air stirred, it made no sound here Even though Bertha Mason was in the house, Jane was unaware of her living inside the house. Far and wide, on each side there were only fields, she and Edward were now able to lead a life with no more problems everything was in the open; wide and clear. The characters in both stories are very similar. Mr Rochester and Mr De Winter have great similarities. They are both previously married before they fall in love with younger women and they both have deadly secrets that they keep from their wives. They both have a similar financial status as they are quite rich and well off. The characters Jane and Mrs De Winter also have many similarities. Firstly, both of them came from similar backgrounds where they were not respected and made to feel inferior. They then fall in love with men that are much older than them and they also face similar situations, as both of their husbands confront them about a sinister secret. When they discover their husbands secrets they both decide to stick by their husbands as they love them too much. Both authors use similar techniques in their writing. Not only does the plot of their stories resemble each other, their characters and themes of the story are quite the same. The symbolism techniques that they use have a great resemblance; the two writers literacy skills are very alike. The two novels are very interesting but out of the two I found Rebecca to be most exciting. This is because it was a well written, romantic thriller with lots of unexpected twists and turns, whereas the plot of Jane Eyre was quite predictable. The use of symbolism is very effective in both novels, in Rebecca there is a great concentration on nature, but the flowers that are mentioned are spoken about from a negative perspective. Other authors tend to use flowers in a more positive way to portray beauty but Daphne Du Maurier does the total opposite, this is one of the things that I enjoyed when reading her novel as it was quite different compared to other novels.

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Multinational Fast Food Company KFC Research Paper

Multinational Fast Food Company KFC - Research Paper Example It is evidently clear from the discussion that Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was established in Corbin, Kentucky by the able hands of Harland Sanders. He was conceived in a little ranch in Henryville, the United States in 1890. He enjoys cooking and concocting recipes. He attempted to blend eleven herbs and flavors with wheat flour, he was triumphant with his work and he had a mystery formula for cooking chicken. Amid the 1930s, he attempted to develop and got to be known. The State's senator named Harland Sanders a privileged Kentucky Colonel at the first run through. Second, he added to an exceptional, speedy system for spicing and weight on the grounds that he had opened a 142-seat eatery, gas station and motel. In 1950, he chose to close his eatery in light of the fact that the clients diminished, however, he put the first establishment in 1952 plus 105 USD with the mystery formula. He got shares for 5 percent every piece of chicken for copyright. In 1964, a speculator bunch purch ased Kentucky Fried Chicken and made an arrangement that Sander was Kentucky Fried Chicken representative for helping and offering a proposal to them. In 1971 Kentucky Fried Chicken together with Connecticut-based particularly in nourishment and in 1986 Kentucky Fried Chicken had a huge breakthrough that Soft-Drink titan, PepsiCo purchased Kentucky Fried Chicken for $840 million from RJR Nabisco. They arranged to discrete KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut to be another Corporation under the name Tricon Global Restaurant, and they had income.

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How to Format College Essay Tip - You Can Make a Good Topic Even Better?

How to Format College Essay Tip - You Can Make a Good Topic Even Better?Here is a great how to format college essay tip. Don't just turn in an essay without some careful attention to what you are writing about. Instead, get into the details of what it is you are going to talk about and then really get into the specifics of your topic.One good way to make sure you get your point across is to write out your own paper. It won't look too bad if you just rely on a professor's or teacher's notes or even an assigned research paper for your outline. But you don't have to use any of those sources. If you can add a personal touch to your college essay, you will see that it is more likely to stick in the mind of an audience.You will also be able to write in a conversational tone more easily since you already know how to format college essay tip. By using different tones of voice when you talk about your subject, you will be able to feel more comfortable as you go on to write your paper. And you will be able to share personal information such as what you were like in high school, what your interests are now, and what it was like being in college. The conversational tone makes it easier for you to relay the important details to your audience.How to format college essay tip is also important because it gives you a chance to show yourself in a favorable light. Allowing the other person to look at you, rather than placing your opinion as the only one worth listening to, will help you avoid bias. Remember that you are the only one that will be judging you in this way. This will give you an opportunity to use your best self-serving traits and air them out to the crowd. In addition, it will show that you are not looking down on your fellow student but instead actually appreciating all the hard work they put in.Using a personal touch also makes your writing more likely to be accepted by your classmates and others in the class. They will be able to trust that you are a responsible student that is actually enjoying your classes. And this is a very positive thing. This kind of attitude is what makes the average student respect their professors and the classes they take. A little humility is always a good thing.One more important thing to keep in mind with how to format college essay tip is that you should use as much of your word usage. Make the point clearly and concisely without using any fluff words. A lot of students tend to use too many extra-colloquial words in their essays. Avoid this kind of thing and keep it to a minimum in your college essay.It is really easy to do a college essay properly. And you will see that it is more likely to get accepted by others who actually read and understand your text rather than you think that it is perfect.

Who were the Neanderthals, and what caused their extinction Did they Essay

Who were the Neanderthals, and what caused their extinction Did they influence Homo sapiens, either genetically or culturally - Essay Example Also, These Neanderthals are also genetically associated with the â€Å"Anatomically Modern Humans (AMH)† by some anthropologists based on genetic and cultural evidence, while there is still an ongoing debate about the conformity of the proposition. Anatomically modern humans are the most immediate ancestors of the humans, and possibilities of interbreeding amongst the species are still being investigated. However, scientific study of genetics indicates that humans and Neanderthals have only been found to have ancestral connections about 550,000 years ago. However studying evolution from a cultural perspective indicates a strong sense of connection between early humans and the Neanderthals. These species, the Neanderthals were first discovered in 1829. In 1856, when Neanderthal specimen was found in a cave in Germany the scientists were amazed at the discovery as it was very unique and distinctive from other fossils previously been found, as the skull was oval in shape with th ick and strong bones along with a retreating forehead (Delson 2006). The name Homo Neanderthals was suggested to these unknown species by the geologist William King in 1864 when these were found in the Neander valley in Germany (Jordan 1999). However, after a lot of research the scientists were able to discover the fact that the species discovered in 1829 were the same as these found later. Neanderthals had a strong body built with a heavy structure and a shorter height, ideal to absorb more heat so that they can survive in cold climates. Sexual dimorphism between both genders was comparatively unclear. To shed light on the causes of extinction associated with the Neanderthals, it is first crucial to study their modes of survival and their lifestyles. These species relied on the plants to acquire nutrition for their survival. However, due to the colder climates that they had to face, possibilities are that the plant supplies would have adequately dropped during the winters. Due to t his factor they had to diversify their food sources including meat in their diet to fulfill their nutritious requirements (Shipmen 2008). Anthropological remains like sharpened tools for cutting and ripping away meat preys indicate that these species were seasonal meat hunters. Moreover, when scientists studied the plaque over the teeth of the remains, they even found out that these species incorporates mollusks, sharks and other marine species as their diets. Amongst other anthropological evidences, a flake tool sophisticated in its built was also found which was made after breaking off the stones from the surfaces, though it wasn’t as complex as those tools found amongst other ancestral species associated with humans. Moreover, having studied the anatomy of their bodies, it was concluded that their arms were rather asymmetric which are indicative of the fact that they used thrusting techniques to capture preys, which means that they utilized larger animals for consumption. Along with these remains, other significant discoveries were the needle like tools which can be used for sewing garments to wear. Moreover, Neanderthals are also found to have used fire for various purposes. Thorough analysis of the locales draws attention towards shallow pits along with other even shallower grave like structures. This indicates that these people used to bury the dead into graves and hold funerals to carry these events. The settings also reflect that these species used to live in a nuclear family setup while some instances indicate social gatherings and events to be a part of their lives as well.

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Tips to Finish College Essay in a Night

Tips to Finish College Essay in a NightIf you are looking for tips to finish college essay in a night, these tips may help you out. The good news is that there are always tips out there that will work. Even the best of them just can't always make something as amazing as night does. However, there are certain tips to finish college essay in a night that will still help you out.The first thing that you can do is keep up on your college studies. If you are good, you should have no problem finishing your college studies by the time you finish your college essay. However, the good news is that you are never really too late.Getting a late night for your essay is a great time to get caught up on some last minute changes to your work. That will really help you get the extra strokes in to finish your essay. If you are actually catching up on last minute changes, then this may be a good time to cut down on the font size and the key word choices. This can make your final work look a little more professional. Just make sure that the font and keyword selection is going to be good enough for you.You also need to make sure that you really do have the great writer in you. You will still be able to finish a college essay in a night if you have the great writer's skills that you need to be able to perform the extra strokes. You also need to make sure that you have the writer skills you need to be able to complete the work you need to be able to finish the college essay in a night.You can do these things if you remember to complete quick sentences and short paragraphs. Remember, you want to get the extra strokes in and make the good writer skills work for you. This is the type of skills that will help you through the rest of the evening.And last but not least, if you have a good writer and you still want to finish your college essay in a night, the last thing you can do is start on the next page without a good hook. You should have a hook on every page that goes through the night , and this will help you out as well. Getting a hook in will also help you to finish the work in a night.When you are doing your college essay in a night, you have to be careful that you finish fast. Once you start to get too busy, the hook will start to work against you.

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The Battle Over Indiana Jones Grading Term Papers and How to Win It

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The Fight Against Essay Writing for Middle School Students

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