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Biol 1111 Lab Exam Study Guide Note: The mental testing leave cover every last(predicate) the labs which we did during the semester. This means that you should understand all of the experiments which we did in the lab. This study guide is just to help you hark back the primary(prenominal) points from each of the labs which we covered. The exam might contain some oral which is not included in this study guide. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The Scientific manner acting: * see the steps of the scientific method * quiet with the centres of the terms precision, accuracy, wrongful conduct (random and sy stematic) * Be competent to auspicate average, variance, archetype deviation and standard error of the mean * suck in intercourse how to interpret bar graphs with error bars * Be able to state null and alternative hypotheses for T and F tests, carry out T and F tests, obtain a p value from a table and decide whether to take for granted or reject the null hypothesis Chemical build Blocks of Life * roll in the hay the content of the word macromolecule and the opposite types of macromolecules * Know the meaning of the words qualitative and quantitative tests * Know the indicator solutions which ar used to identify the different macromolecules Enzyme application * Know what an enzyme is and how it per descriptors its function * Understand the meaning of the term optimal condition for an enzyme, and how to determine optimal conditions from graphs and charts * Know the reactions catalyzed by the enzymes: protease, peroxidase an d amylase, and how the enjoins of these rea! ctions canful be measured ( i.e. which substrate or product entrust you measure to determine the rate ?) * Know how to set up controls and blanks in experiments to measure the grade of the above mentioned enzymes * Be able to interpret results presented in the form of tables and graphs * Know the use of a colorimeter (spectrophotometer) Cellular Energetics * Know the equations representing photosynthesis and respiration * Understand the avocation experiments ( take note...If you want to get a full essay, regularize it on our website:

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