Thursday, January 23, 2014

Good Life

English 12-modual2-stephanie Laughing, existing and learning argon the basics of a honest carriage. These three things create to a greater uttermost magazine and little stress. A better quality of consume is living a simpleton smell. For example, fewer possessions ensure little to worry about. happiness, relationships and the excess necessities in life create focus, for living a simple life. A respectable life does non have to be knotty. A good life involves contentment. Happiness is a suppose of mind. Therefore, spiriting characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure and emotions pull up stakes create a feeling that is desired all the condemnation. A simple life will ensure such emotions are present more often than a complex life. A Good life needs to have happiness. Without happiness there is not an pleasurable life to live. Happiness can be shown with different pleasures. For example, closeness with family, having the patience for yo ur kids, work and hobbies. Where having a complex life doesnt allow enough measure to do it these pleasures. Having the simple things in life are a put on because, things such as happiness makes difficult situations easier to handle. Things can obtain in the personal manner in life, like a job and it is hard to be pleasant when time at work outweighs leisure time. Doing things that allows happiness in your life is brought by simplicity. Therefore, a simple life is a happy life. Relationships are necessary for a good and simple life. Focusing on family and friends will create a simple life because care wont be focused on time and material things. Spending your time on better things like, your family are easier when life is simple. A complex life makes it harder to spend time with your family or friends. When there arent other things to worry about, it is easier to feel relaxed and have time enjoy life more fully. Having calm of mind will sincerely make oneself and relations hips an enjoyable experience. When counse! l on relationships, it is very fundamental to focus on the simple things. For...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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