Saturday, January 18, 2014

Should Marijuana Be Legalized In America

Running Head Should Marijuana be LegalizedMarijuana , being a affable paradox , speci everyy affects young citizens and adults . Most of them issue that dose addiction is a bad habit , which ruins their health and personal im eld , further , still , many of them usage drugs . I want to convince the political science and world-wide macrocosm that even illicit drugs like cannabis should not be legalized . Thesis Marijuana should be taboo , be urinate it represents a swell threat for health and social well-being of many peopleMarijuana is a good deal presented as being a natural and safe alternative to early(a) drugs - but natural does not equate to safe or harmless Statistical entropy suggest that drug addiction becomes a social problem involving much and more young people . For instance , the age of youths using marijuana is falling . The teens aged 12 to 17 said on average they started trying marijuana at 13-1 /2 (Fox , 2004 . on the whole of these drugs are prohibited because all of them potpourri perception and dumbfound harmful side effectsMany people , having kicked a habit , idler start to use drugs again especially when they find themselves nates in the same environment . The study spheres of popular connect include : popularization of drugs and increases addiction . too , marijuana increases a threat of car accidents like drunk driving which is the major(ip) cause of death in the States (Maccoun and Reuter , 2002 . If marijuana is legalized , the governing body forget not be subject to control and regulate this marketSome critics (Maccoun and Reuter 2002 ) posit that legalization of marijuana provide benefit both individuals and the government . Researchers suppose that drug addicts cause no harm to others and for this ground they should be grated freedom of prime( a) through legalization of illicit drugs is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
To rebut this argument , it is practicable to say that marijuana should be prohibited , because its legalization can lead to negative outcomes which will consider more funds to spend on treatment programs in futureIn sum , the government has a responsibility to articulate this public health conclusion if it legalizes illegal drugs . In this case , educational policies and programs should be the union of war against drugs . Without strict drug proscription , this difficult and heterogeneous problem cannot be solved . If all the factors come into do , the level of marijuana addiction will be minimalReferencesFo x , M (2004 . Stronger Pot May Lead To roast Madness . cat valium sense drug indemnity and legalized madness . Retrieved 06 June 2007 , from HYPERLINK http / web .csdp .org / discussion / give-and-take /reut_pot_071904 .htm http /www .csdp .org /news /news /reut_pot_071904 .htmMaccoun , R . Reuter ,(2002 . Marijuana , Heroin , and Cocaine : The state of war on Drugs May Be a Disaster , but Do We Really Want a Legalized Peace ? The American aspect , 13 ,. 25PAGEPAGE 2...If you want to get a wax essay, stage it on our website:

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