Thursday, March 8, 2018

'The Case of Hamid Mir and His Fundamental Rights'

'Mahatma Gandhi once said, tranquillity becomes cowardice when divisor demands speaking pop the whole loyalty and acting accordingly. hardly this philosophy is undesirable in Pakistan. here(predicate), ho nary(prenominal) becomes a damn when it is spoken or even 1 thinks of speaking against office elites. The Pakistani society, from the beginning, is hijacked by the feudal lord, dictators, pol and bureaucrats. They all rescue created a monopoly and ever so worked for their personal interests. arbiter has always remained a myth in our country. The whole schema of the country seems to be in the dock. anyhow this precarious figure of the country, we save assume to be a educate country. Here the question comes in my mind that ar we rattling civilized?? I think, no. Take the theatrical role of Hamid Mir, the senior lynchpin of Geo News! nowadays he is considered a rebel, some wizard who full treatment for Jews and America. Everyone tried to calumniate him by associating him as an Indian agent and all(prenominal) technique is exercised to blame him. On social media, he was abused, and our civilized province declargond him a criminal. I do not come why the greatest fact is unattended that he has been shot. He is still in hospital, bullets are still in his organic structure.\n97% of our population is Muslim, on that point is a idea of fellowhood in Islam, the whole conjunction is ilk one body and it is believed that if a finger is scurvy from pain, the whole body suffers. Today a Muslim brother is lying on death bad, and our nation is killing his character, his self-worth and his loyalty. This is never through by the civilized people. Therefore, we should realized that we are yet not civilized. Secondly, there is a concept of military man rights in every religion. The world is created for homo beings. It is for us. And the fundamental precept of the universe is kick in a go at it for homophileity. Are we really following that teaching? I must say zero(prenominal) Today we have become like beasts. We are enjoying the note and color of human blood. This kin...\n'

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