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Essay Ludwig Van Beethoven - 1163 Words

Ludwig van Beethoven Beethovens importance lies not only in his work, but also in his life (Tames, 4). Included in my report is proof that Beethoven was one of the greatest composers of the Romantic era. In this proof is a brief description of his life. This will help you understand how he felt when he wrote his music. Also, there will be a description of all his symphonies. On December 16 or 17, 1770, (date uncertain) at 515 (now 20) Bonngasse Bonn, Germany Beethoven, like Mozart, was born into a small family (Comptons, 1). He took his first lessons on March 26, 1778, (Schmit, 10). In 1787, he went to Vienna to study with Mozart, but he went back to Bonn due to the nature of his mothers sickness (Schmit, 15). This would be the†¦show more content†¦nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Beethovens third symphony, made in 1803, is the one where he started writing his style which was quite recognizably his own, rather than based on a previous composer (Tames, 16). The third symphony, originally called Bonaparte, was named after Napoleon Bonaparte. Later, Beethoven changed the name to quot;Sinfonia Eroicaquot; (Schmit, 36). Two times as long as any one of Mozarts or Haydens symphonies, the third symphony challenged the idea of what a symphony is. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The fourth Symphony was written in 1807. This symphony shows Beethoven as a good humored person (Schmit, 39). This symphony was smaller and more appealing than the third symphony, and had a more lively style (Thompson, 25). nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;In the year of 1808, he wrote the fifth symphony. He went with Hayden to Esterhà ¡zy Palace at Eisenstadt. His fifth is one of his most famous symphonies. Work on the fifth was started before the fourth and was published after the fourth. This is one of the most popular symphonies of all time, and was performed on the 22 of December 1808. (Schmit, 41) This symphony was made popular because he used many instruments that were not normally use in orchestral works at that time (Thompson, 26). nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The sixth symphony, is in a class of its own.Show MoreRelatedLudwig Van Beethoven945 Words   |  4 PagesLudwig van Beethoven Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany in 1770 to Johann van Beethoven and his wife, Maria Magdalena. He took his first music lessons from his father, who was tenor in the choir of the archbishop-elector of Cologne. His father was an unstable, yet ambitious man whose excessive drinking, rough temper and anxiety surprisingly did not diminish Beethoven s love for music. He studied and performed with great success, despite becoming the breadwinner of his household by the time heRead More Ludwig Van Beethoven Essay1285 Words   |  6 Pages German composer and pianist, Ludwig van Beethoven, was born December 1770 and spent most of his life in Vienna, Austria. His first teacher was his alcoholic father, who worked as a musician at the Court of Bonn. Teaching him day and night, Ludwig suffered from his fathers harsh and erratic behavior. For a time, he and his father played at the Church. As his fathers alcoholism increased, Ludwig became the main musician. Beethovens talents were discovered at an early age, and he was sentRead MoreThe Music Of Ludwig Van Beethoven900 Words   |  4 PagesLudwig van Beethoven All throughout music history lived many composers that have impacted not only the societies in which they have lived in, but modern-day society as well. These particular composers have given many societies the chance to listen, feel and express themselves through music and instruments that were invented centuries ago that still remain essential components of music today. One example of a composer that changed the music world drastically was a man by the name of Ludwig van BeethovenRead MoreThe Talent Of Beethoven By Ludwig Van Beethoven1331 Words   |  6 PagesMany of my family members along with some family friends suffer from an extreme lack of hearing just like one of the greatest composers of all time, Ludwig van Beethoven. However, my family members and family friends are not musicians. The talent of Beethoven is very inspiring for not only the deaf, but for other people as well. He created most of his music while suffering from hearing loss which seems to be quite impossible , but somehow he managed to do it. Though his music is without a doubt unbelievablyRead MoreEssay on Ludwig Van Beethoven1148 Words   |  5 Pagesthe people on it as a whole, you see that there are very few influential people whose actions or opinions strongly influence the course of events. Ludwig Van Beethoven, a German musician, is one of those very few. He was an extraordinary musician that lived through hardship and had the horrific fate of deafness, any musician’s worst nightmare. Beethoven left a wall standing in history that captured the art of sounds and worked it beyond imagination into music so fragile and pure yet onerous, unableRead MoreThe Music Of Ludwig Van Beethoven1408 Words   |  6 PagesLudwig van Beethoven When I was 7 years old, my parents signed me up for music school. I did not want to go to music school, but they wanted me just to try. In first class we were just listening classical music and it really sounded boring. But when Beethoven’s fifth symphony came on, I fell in love with classical music and I wanted to study it even more. My sister was also in musical school and she played piano and when I came back from school, I was begging her to play me some of Beethoven’s piecesRead MoreThe Music Of Ludwig Van Beethoven1600 Words   |  7 PagesLudwig van Beethoven is known for much of his musical accomplishments. One of his most famous is that he is deaf and yet one of the best musical composers of the classical and romanic area. Beethoven has always been one of my personal favorite composers. When I grew up and started taking piano, Beethoven s Fur Elise was my first large classical piece. Ever since that point on I insisted that when we were in Germany we see his home, and that we did. In this essay I will be explaining Ludwigs YouthRead MoreThe Rise Of Ludwig Van Beethoven1458 Words   |  6 PagesThe rise of Ludwig van Beethoven into the ranks of history s greatest composers was paralleled by and in some ways a consequence of his own personal tragedy and despair. Beginning in the late 1790 s, the increasing buzzing and humming in his ears sent Beethoven into a panic, searching for a cure from doctor to doctor. By October 1802 he had written the Heiligenstadt Testament confessing the certainty of his growing deafness, his consequent despair, and suicidal considerations. Yet, despiteRead MoreLudwig van Beethoven Essay952 Words   |  4 Pagesmusic period. Ludwig van Beethoven was one of the composers, along with other greats of the time like Haydn and Mozart, which helped to create a new type of music. This new music had full rich sounds created by the new construction of the symphony orchestra. Ludwig van Beethoven was born in the town of Bonn, Germany on December 16 of 1770. Bonn is located in western Germany on the Rhine River. Beethoven showed an affinity for music at an early age. His father, Johann, taught Ludwig to play theRead MoreMusic: Ludwig Van Beethoven1670 Words   |  7 Pagesexpressiveness music is Ludwig van Beethoven. He was a musical genius whose composed some of the most influential pieces of music ever written. During the Classical period, Beethoven’s compositions were the expression as one of the most powerful musical personalities. Although Beethoven was influenced by most of the famous composers such as Franz Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, etc. but he was also innovated new techniques that will be seen in the next music period. Beethoven built a musical bridge

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World Trade Organization Essay - 1696 Words

World Trade Organization The World Trade Organization (WTO), is an international organization designed to supervise and liberalize international trade. The WTO came into being on January 1, 1995, and is the successor to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which was created in 1947, and continued to operate for almost five decades as a de facto international organization. The World Trade Organization deals with the rules of trade between nations at a near-global level; it is responsible for negotiating and implementing new trade agreements, and is in charge of policing member countries adherence to all the WTO agreements, signed by the bulk of the worlds trading nations and ratified in their parliaments. Most of†¦show more content†¦At the proposal of the United States, the United Nations Economic and Social Committee adopted a resolution, in February 1946, calling for a conference to draft a charter for an International Trade Organization (ITO). A Preparatory Committee was established in February 1946, and worked until November 1947 on the charter of an international organization for trade. By October 1947 an agreement on the GATT was reached in Geneva, and on October 30, 1947 twenty three countries signed the Protocol of Provisional Application of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. In March 1948, the negotiations on the ITO Charter were successfully completed in Havana (Havana Charter). The Charter provided for the establishment of the ITO, and set out the basic rules for international trade and other international economic matters. The ITO Charter, however, never entered into force; while repeatedly submitted to the US Congress, it was never approved. The most usual argument against the new organization was that it would be involved in internal economic issues. On December 6, 1950 President Truman announced that he would no longer seek Congressional approval of the ITO Charter. In the absence of an international organization for trade, the GATT would over the years transform itself into a de facto international organization. ITO and GATT 1947 John Maynard KeynesShow MoreRelatedThe World Trade Organization1270 Words   |  6 PagesWorld Trade Organization Different countries and regions of the world have relationships based on global and international trade through trading organizations. World Trade has been a crucial part of the economy and many different programs have tried to find an effective way for free trade to occur. Based on previous programs since 1914, and new goals formed recently, the World Trade Organization has found the most powerful and effective way since 1995 to conduct free trade internationally. TheRead MoreThe World Trade Organization951 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Trade has been a cornerstone of our growth and global development. But we will not be able to sustain this growth if it favours the few, and not the many.† - Barrack Obama Barrack Obama, President of the United States addressed the consequence that in order for trade to help spur development in the world today, it must not only help The World Trade Organisation is an international organisation whose motive is to promote open and free trade by convincing nations to eradicate import tariffs InRead MoreThe World Trade Organization Essay1779 Words   |  8 PagesThe World Trade Organization is an intergovernmental organization that is mandated with the responsibility of regulating international trade. Each country in the world is considered to be endowed with limited resources that make it impossible for these countries to produce each and every good and service that they deem essential for their citizens’ consumption. It is on the basis of different and limited resource endowment that countries embark on the process of trading amongst themselves so as toRead MoreWorld Trade Organization ( Wto )1577 Words   |  7 PagesWorld Trade Organization On January 1st, 1995 is when something genius was invented called The World Trade Organization s (WTO) which is the main worldwide universal association managing the tenets of exchange between countries. The World Trade Organization basically supplanted the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which had been in power subsequent to 1948, a couple of years after the Second World War. Prior to when the WTO was made, an activity to begin something comparable knownRead MoreThe World Trade Organization ( Wto )1741 Words   |  7 PagesThe World Trade Organization (WTO) is a global organization that helps countries and producers of goods deal fairly and smoothly with conducting their business across international borders. It mainly does this through WTO agreements, which are negotiated and signed by a large majority of the trading nations in the world. The purpose of the WTO is to ensure that global trade commences freely, smoothly and predictably while also aiming to create econ omic peace and stability in the world through a multilateralRead MoreBenefits of the World Trade Organization1054 Words   |  5 PagesBenefits of the World Trade Organization By Mike Harrison One of the biggest firms associated with globalization is the World Trade Organization. The World Trade Organization is the only international body that deals with the rules of trading between nations. It has evolved over the past half century into an entity that contract with the trade of services, intellectual property as well as its original intent of the trade of goods. The WTO controls most trade in the world today through overRead MoreThe World Trade Organization ( Wto )1466 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Globalization has been one of the most import reasons why the world has become a place where everyone can communicate with each other, travel to places in a shorter period of time than before and have a massive variety of goods and services provided to, from which they can choose. Globalization opened a door and created a civilization that can bring people together and created all kinds of resources accessible to everyone. Technology improves every day and these helped countries toRead MoreThe World Trade Organization ( Wto )1345 Words   |  6 PagesThe World Trade Organization (WTO) is the most powerful legislative and judicial body in the world. It is an international organization that established to supervise and liberalize international trade. In total, there were 159 membership countries of the WTO in 2013. The WTO was created as part of the result of the Uruguay Round negotiations that concluded on 15th of December 1993. It was officially commenced on January 1, 1995 under t he Marrakech Agreement, and resulted from a series of GeneralRead MoreEssay on The World Trade Organization579 Words   |  3 Pages World Trade Organization (WTO) nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The World Trade Organization (WTO) is the only global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations. The goal is to help producers of goods and services, exporters, and importers conduct their business. The World Trade Organization came into being in 1995. One of the youngest of the international organizations, the WTO is the successor to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) established in theRead MoreThe World Trade Organization ( Wto )1640 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Due to the global world starting to become one it seems as though every country wants to participate in the trading system. It is currently the biggest phenomenon. Many countries that want to join the trading sector are afraid of some of the issues that comes with it such as laws and regulations that do not align with other countries. Countries have now started to join the World Trade organization (WTO) to help them integrate into the trading sector and help them with laws and regulations

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Creating Graphically Diverse Organizations â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Creating Graphically Diverse Organizations? Answer: Introduction The ever changing demand and working cultures of the business in the present time is able to see more number of acquisitions and mergers than the past time which ends up creating geographically diverse organizations. In order to have strong and easy documented procedures in place that can help in mitigating ineffectiveness and confusion across any unit in business and it further lead to a more streamlined as well as productive organization (Klychova et al, 2014). The food and agriculture based companies with some of day to day issues also happen to include business processes and the food community is now advices to the peers that helps in streamline with key and important business processes and across different locations. The report will discuss in detail about the business process in a company called Sungate foods and all the elements around it. Business processes As discussed, the report will discuss in detail about a case study which is associated with manufacturing based processes of a company called as Sungate Foods. The firm is rice manufacturing company and can also provide the best kind of rice for the customers. The best way of distribution taken here is to actually handle multiple categories that are actually associated with processes and system requirements. Warehousing is also one of the important elements. The modern time theory along with methodology of many business processes management is entirely based on the work of the experts. The concept of business processes can be defined as a set of repeated an action that helps in converting many types of incoming material and data in the end product as per the established regulations (Collier Dercon, 2014). The crucial part of the contribution in the theory of the business processes based formation is made by experts offers to actually consider the process of business as a main value based chain and this is why, it shows that there are set of functions or operations that are discussed as input as well as output and also utilizes different kind of resources to develop a value of effective services for the customers. The business processes are also discussed in the literatures as there is set of objectivity depending on set of connected as well as targeted units of management functions (Klychova et al, 2014). At the time when process of the company and operation of the insurance market along business processes are based on the set of many interconnected successive operations of management which also executed the particular motive of the company. There are number of opinions that are based on business process as an end result of contract and the overall competition or meeting the terms of the contract. The kind of understanding of the company and the execution part of the business processes in an activity of the company is actually based on getting some unity of fi nance, economics, labor and other elements required to meet the interest of the insurance process candidates. Modern business process forms a foundation for the execution of insurance based association in agriculture field. The process of the agriculture organization is in different area of high amount of risk that can cause the important localization as well as neutralization with the assistance of the methods of business process operation in market (Collier Dercon, 2014). There is also constant need of developing the modern business methods which are caused because of the need for execution of the activity and the insurant also requires the saving of the interest which is associated with the manufacturing as well as processes of many agriculture based products. Business requirements The report will cover different system which is required by business process of Sungate foods. Following is the detailed discussion of some:- Business process management (BPM): the overall definition of BPM is usually based on business processes reengineering methods. The main aim of BPR is the business process as well as IT and its overall success to build as per the good communication and also collaboration of IT and business. With the help of proper IT based support like hardware, or tools for software as well as the network; BPM also helps in accomplishing the optimized level with right kind of value creation of number of operational processes. There are other kind of researchers who claims that the process of BPM is also focusing on IT which features BPM from an angle of business process automation (Cosgrove Rijsberman, 2014). Business process modeling notation business process: this model consists of graphical presentation of number of processes in a company. The business process model as well as notation also called as BPMN is actually notation for the sake of modeling business processes that is further become a part of software engineering when it specifically comes to connecting between the developers, architect of software and analysts. Decide the system requirements Agriculture in the present time is becoming a complication risk that forces stringent level of needs in order to have farm management information systems. In many other sectors the concept of ERP also called as Enterprise Resource Planning is widely executed in order to meet such needs. The report will help in understanding the implementation of ERP system in agricultural firm called Sungate Foods by evaluating the overall experience of such kind of companies that have already adopted ERP system. Particularly the research has also helped in evaluating the drivers as well as restrictions for the adapting the ERP in the present Dutch sector (Cosgrove Rijsberman, 2014). The outcome also shows that there is an existence of alignment of ERP with particular features and needs of a company is an important issue to be able to properly capitalize the advantages of ERP. The study also discuses about the possibility to address the challenges and there are major amount of respondents that are q uite positive about the current match of the particular ERP based answers with the business process specifically during execution. Many respondents have also executed as system that consist of a sector based layer which is around a specific ERP solution. In addition, it is further concluded that the existence of proper management of the process like orientation, selection and execution based process is of some importance for successfully adopting the process (Eberlein et al, 2014). Software and vendor selection To make sure that there is affectivity and high level of efficiency of various business processes along with data must be captured constantly, communicated as well as edited. The concept of ERP also supports the overall processing of data at so many levels that ranges from strategic to functional. For example, there is mechanized kind of cultivation along with logistics systems, ERP and business intelligence application (Eberlein et al, 2014). The current research is also dedicated on the enterprise level management layer that provide basic capacities in order to process the work data and also support the operational level of decision making which is entirely based on information. The section further introduces the present situation related to such systems in the agriculture sector. In agriculture sector, adopting ICT has normally been low and specifically is based in comparison of other and more industrialized sectors. Applications in addition have also come from set of different technologies and associated development with diverse animal house. Particularly, the overall introduction of sophisticated level of sending and supervising the technology that has resulted in the trend that is accurate for farming. The concept of precision farming and associated attention by DSS is on particular feature of management of farm. Normally there are systems that need more casual farm based data, for example on fields, execution, composition of hers etc. is part of this. This has also led to the concept of DSS that primarily act as a type of Farm Management Information System. At the same time, since that was never the main goal, these systems are not able to meet the whole farm perspective of management (Wanyama, 2016). On the contrary, there has been growth of FMIs that were established from a complete farm management focus. The growth initiated from a time when PCs were actually introduced to normal public and the farmers. The farmers initiated to make a database program in order to get an idea or an overview of the sector or sometimes economic farm calculations. Also with time, the database program actually consists from MS-DOS with the help of MS-Window that work as per the system to internet ba sed type in the current time. Three ways which companies uses like technologies to improve the business efficiency Following is the detailed discussion of three ways in which organization can improve the business level efficiency: - Understanding the scope of different software for different processes: the ERP based software actually helps in integrating such systems so that each business operation depends on a single database. With the help of one kind of source of data that consist of right, real time information along with an ERP based solution that can completely break the information log further assist the staff to make better decision more rapidly and completely free up the time to function on more high values based functions like assisting the business to develop faster (Wanyama, 2016). Easy access to information related to the nature of business: during the time when someone questions that the average sales margin and how long one will like to find out the time and also about the key performance metrics like orders as per the sales. There are organizations that also depend on the concept of silo systems that requires to continuously updated as well as reconciled in a manual manner and it can be a long wait as well. The speed at which business runs faster than ever and it further means the workforce across the organization requires rapid access to much key information (Bowler, 2014). With the help of ERP based solutions, the executives can very get the access in holistic manner of the business operations at point of time and there are other staffs also that get the data that is required to do the work in effective manner. For instance, there are so many sales representatives that are able to see the full transaction of consumers and in a more proactive manner furthe r improves the rate at which renewal is done. Accounting is long and difficult process: usually the first noticed sign that the company requires is ERP software that will come from the accounting department and when the employees depend on the paper related invoices along with sales orders and further spend a lot of time every week in manually recording the different sales and accounting systems than it becomes important to consider the amount of time that can be wasted on the work that ERP software can actually handle at the moment (Bowler, 2014). The same is true for the finance based reporting as well and it also takes a lot of time to properly consolidate or sometime reconcile the finance based information across systems and through so many spreadsheets. An ERP based solution can make an important influence. Level of efficiency of the technology implementation While taking up the process which is actually a part of core of the framework and the current process are also based on adapting an ERP system revolving around different factors, process and components and further be categorized into so many distinct phases. The model further recognizes five stages of an adoption procedure. The first stage is knowledge based on leaning about the existence of innovation and further becoming more comfortable with the activities. The second element is persuasion which forms a needed attitude or approach for the innovation. And the third element is decision taking which is based on selecting and also adopting as well as rejecting the process of innovation (Johnston et al, 2014). The process of implementation is also based on putting the act of innovation into use and in the end requires confirmation that is able to reinforce or sometimes reverse the previous part of adoption. There are major amount of associated literature in ERP aims on implementing and also have a lesser degree since it consist of selection of required model. In addition, the overall confirmation phase is left out from the overall scope of the research. Following are some of the phases while adopting ERP process are discussed in detail: Orientation: this phase on gaining information about the required approach for different kind of ERP systems along with execution partners. Selection: determining to adopt or sometimes rejects a particular ERP system and execution partners. Execution or implementation: this phase is based on executing the system in work. The discussed framework also consists of the following factors of ERP associated to features based on orientation as well as selection stages: - Needed level of details: the accuracy of the present functional as well as non-functional need based analysis. System based selection: it is related to a degree to which an organization can select consciously about a particular kind of system. Evaluation of solutions: overall broadness of the evaluation of all kind of ERP solutions are covered under this. Allocation of resources: the presence of the budget as well as resources is based on orientation as well as selection (Johnston et al, 2014). Decision making: the presence of top level management in the decision making methods and there are also ways in which decision are taken with the help of authority versus cooperative options. Potential security risks, data breaches It is important to understand that at this stage the company Sungate Foods requires more attention on handling the issues with proper recording of the transaction which is way to lead in the decrease of efficiency of the company. There is also lack of software based adaptability in companies which is not able to completely adapt to the records of the companies along with manual level of recording. This further consist of the wastage of time in companies, where all the members of the staff are not entirely have to work on any redundant as well as repetitive work. The brining of the increased level of effectiveness of cost and there is also a need to check the overall handling that completely lacks the security with so many concerns on how the user can function on software like cloud computing. There are number of security measures as well like firewalls and a system based standard that is working on handling any kind of non-authorized access which is primarily set by so many internati onal parties (Kafetzopoulos Gotzamani, 2014). There are some important concerns that further handle the lack of data standards which helps in checking on how a software provider can use of the standards with the right kind of technology development. The forms are also based on handling the risks of the cyber based crime which is associated with information assets along with addressing the cloud based computing technology. These kinds of issues are base on checking the need to carry the steps with proper authentication process as well as services. One also need to based the features with the right kind of credentials that is able to approach the extended data based format with so many controlled security formats and it further leads to the process of self defense along with the work for right computing culture (Dabbene et al, 2014). Guidelines on how risks can be mitigated It is very crucial to evaluate the information system or different software which is important for the company to have a closer look at the operational as well as financial services. It is also important to meet the goals which rely on the effective kind. These kinds are also set to meet the needs of information system with the usage of maintaining the flow of information with supervising the services (Kafetzopoulos Gotzamani, 2014). The accounting software has been able to function on different level of investigation in the language of computer and it also needs to evaluate the work on different investigation in the language of computer along with the need to check the process of encryption based formats and the setup for the firewall. This further consist of the rise in the need of the market with right standards based formats that dependent on the dominated type of accounting based Australian software. Conclusion The overall application of ERP system in agriculture sector often been based on restricted elements. The system of ERP further covers the overall demand of effective supply chain that can be featured by a stable kind of business process along with low level of demand issues. At the same time, there are various sectors with many uncertainties in demand as well as supply which producing or logistics based processes (Song Zeng, 2015). There are number of traditional ERP based experiences that comes as a drawback in accomplishing the needed level of flexibility. Agriculture based food is actually an example in such industries because of the dependence on biological processes that are achieved by high amount of uncertain situations. There is also existence of addition complexities and there are many ERP based systems that lack sector specific operations since for a very long time agriculture industry was considered to be small market for ERP developers. Reference Bowler, I. R. (2014).The geography of agriculture in developed market economies. Routledge. Collier, P., Dercon, S. (2014). African Agriculture in 50Years: Smallholders in a Rapidly Changing World?.World development,63, 92-101. Cosgrove, W. J., Rijsberman, F. R. (2014).World water vision: making water everybody's business. Routledge. Dabbene, F., Gay, P., Tortia, C. (2014). Traceability issues in food supply chain management: A review.Biosystems engineering,120, 65-80. Eberlein, B., Abbott, K. W., Black, J., Accounting, E., Wood, S. (2014). Transnational business governance interactions: Conceptualization and framework for analysis.Regulation Governance,8(1), 1-21. Johnston, J. L., Fanzo, J. C., Cogill, B. (2014). Understanding sustainable diets: a descriptive analysis of the determinants and processes that influence diets and their impact on health, food security, and environmental sustainability.Advances in Nutrition: An International Review Journal,5(4), 418-429. Kafetzopoulos, D. P., Gotzamani, K. D. (2014). Critical factors, food quality management and organizational performance.Food Control,40, 1-11. Klychova, G. S., Zakirova, A. R., Mukhamedzyanov, K. Z., Faskhutdinova, ?. S. (2014). Management reporting and its use for information ensuring of agriculture organization management.Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences,5(24), 104. Song, Q., Li, J., Zeng, X. (2015). Minimizing the increasing solid waste through zero waste strategy.Journal of Cleaner Production,104, 199-210. Wanyama, F. O. (2016). Surviving liberalization: the cooperative movement in Kenya.

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Science; Rainforests and Earth The Tropical Rainfo Essay Example For Students

Science; Rainforests and Earth The Tropical Rainfo Essay Science; Rainforests and Earth The Tropical Rainforests of the World In this term paper, I will explain the great importance of the tropical Rainforests around the world and discuss the effects of the tragedy of rainforest destruction and the effect that it is having on the earth. I will talk about the efforts being made to help curb the rate of rainforest destruction and the peoples of the rainforest, and I will explore a new topic in the fight to save the rainforest, habitat fragmentation. Another topic being discussed is the many different types of rainforest species and their uniqueness from the rest of the world. First, I will discuss the many species of rare and exotic animals, Native to the Rainforest. Tropical Rainforests are home to many of the strangest looking and most beautiful, largest and smallest, most dangerous and least frightening, loudest and quietest animals on earth. There are many types of animals that make their homes in the rainforest some of them include: jaguars, toucans, parrots, gorillas, and tarantulas. There are so many fascinating animals in tropical rainforest that millions have not even identified yet. In fact, about half of the worlds species have not even been identified yet. But sadly, an average of 35 species of rainforest animals are becoming extinct every day. So many species of animals live in the rainforest than any other parts of the world because rainforests are believed to be the oldest ecosystem on earth. Some forests in southeast Asia have been around for at least 100 million years, ever since the dinosaurs have roamed the earth. During the ice ages, the last of which occurred about 10,000 years ago, the frozen areas of the North and South Poles spread over much of the earth, causing huge numbers of extinctions. But the giant freeze did not reach many tropical rainforests. Therefore, these plants and animals could continue to evolve, developing into the most diverse and complex ecosystems on earth. The nearly perfect conditions for life also help contribute to the great number of species. With temperatures constant at about 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit the whole year, the animals dont have to worry about freezing during the cold winters or finding hot shade in the summers. They rarely have to search for water, as rain falls almost every day in tropical rainforests. Some rainforest species have populations that number in the millions. Other species consist of only a few dozen individuals. Living in limited areas, most of these species are found nowhere else on earth. For example, the maues marmoset, a species of monkey, wasnt discovered until recently. Its entire tiny population lives within a few square miles in the Amazon rainforest. This species of monkey is so small that it could fit into a persons hand! In a rainforest, it is difficult to see many things other than the millions of insects creeping and crawling around in every layer of the forest. Scientists estimate that there are more than 50 million different species of invertebrates living in rainforests. A biologist researching the rainforest found 50 different of ants on a single tree in Peru! A few hours of poking around in a rainforest would produce several insects unknown to science. The constant search for food , water, sunlight and space is a 24-hour pushing and shoving match. With this fierce competition, it is amazing that that so many species of animals can all live together. But this is actually the cause of the huge number of the different species. 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Fitness Business Plan Essay An example of such adaptations would be the big beaks of the toucans and parrots. Their beaks give them a great advantage over other birds with smaller beaks. The fruits and nuts from many trees have evolved with a tough shell to protect them from predators. In turn toucans and parrots developed large, strong beaks, which serves as a nutcracker and provides them with many tasty meals. Many animal species have developed relationships with each other that benefit both species. Birds and mammal species love to eat .